Oil Changes

About Oil Changes...

  1. All oil filters are not created equal. Generally, non-Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) oil filters weigh significantly less than OEM filters. This is due to them having less filter media, fewer oil retention valves (or none at all),and lighter metal used in the cover material. ALL Later model V-6 and V-8 engines must use the "fleece" filter element ! The non-fleece filters do not fit properly or will not retain a proper fit around the oil filter housing center pin. This allows oil to largely bypass the filter media and return to the oil pan un-filtered. All o-rings should be replaced at every filter change.
  2. We've been amused at attempts by the convenience" oil changers to "fabricate" oil filters for some of the diesel cars by cutting two filters into two and stacking the pieces to create one filter that looked something like the correct part. Since these folks are more concerned with delivering an advertised price, they can't deliver a filter that meets OEM criteria at the prices they charge. Your engine pays with dry starts due to lack of retained oil in the filter or poorly filtered oil because of a concocted oil filter that just separates to allow the oil to pass unfiltered.
  3. We've also seen cars come into our shop immediately after having an oil change at a convenience lube shop to find the oil level at the low mark on the dipstick. Usually this is because of ignorance of the proper oil filling level. But this also may be an attempt to meet advertised prices by adding the least possible amount of oil back to the engine during an oil change.
  4. There have been published recommendations by the manufacturer to utilize synthetic oil in the V-6 engines in the E class and M class vehicles in order to take advantage of the Flexible Service Systems 10,000 mile oil change intervals. We've been seeing increased oil consumption in these engines that have run 60,000 miles or more that use synthetic oils. The lighter weight synthetics, i.e.5w30 fare the worst. Heavier weights fare slightly better. We've actually noted large decreases in consumption by returning to regular fossil oils. Cars under warranty should adhere to factory recommendations, but be sure to stay abreast of late changes in those recommendations. Also, be sure to report immediately any increased oil consumption to the dealer for warranty claims.
  5. Central Auto Care does appreciate your oil change business. We utilize factory recommended lubricants and OEM filters to maintain your vehicle in the best possible manner.

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