Recommended Scheduled Maintenance for Preserving Optimal Automotive Performance

Oil Change: Fossil oils-Every 3000 miles for in-town , short trip drivers; 6000 miles for highway drivers. Allows cursory inspections for added safety. Synthetic oils- 6000 miles for in-town, 10,000 miles otherwise.

Major Service/In-Depth Inspection: Every 15000 miles or when prompted by instrument cluster display. "B" services take place annually, but the scope of a A or B service varies with age and mileage.

Transmission Fluid and Filter Change: Every 27,500 miles for cars built before 1998; transmission complete fluid and filter change with pan gasket replacement. After 1998, a service is recommended at 30K miles then as needed.

Brake Fluid Change: Every 12 months, important especially for automobiles equipped with Antilock Braking System (ABS) and Sensotronic Brake Control (SBC) due to moisture absorption and "slime" deposits that cause hose swelling and rust in metal brake pieces.

Antifreeze Change: Every 3 years, due to metal build-up or as directed by the service sheet for cars built after 1998.