Wheel Alignment

Wheel alignments on Mercedes Benz cars are fairly straightforward. There are no shims or bending required. There are adjustments for every axis on most cars built prior to 1999. Few require 4-wheel alignment. None built prior to 1986 had adjustments for the rear axle, and few built before 1996 had adjustments. Ask us to check for presence of adjustment mechanisms on your car before you pay for a 4-wheel alignment that can't be accomplished. We do not align front ends, but can properly prepare your vehicle for the alignment. We stock ball joints and bushings needed, but more importantly, the proper installation tools necessary to install needed items to bring the wear tolerances back to standard so that the alignment can be accomplished.

Central Auto Care, located near Birmingham, Alabama, is a full-service automotive shop specializing in the maintenance and repair of Mercedes Benz vehicles.